Hunt Backcountry Podcast 331 | A Portrait of the American Mountain Goat

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"During three decades of field studies of North America's large mammals, the environmental and logistical challenges of none — not deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, or bears — compared with those I encountered learning about the mountain goat. The chasms and ramparts, the remoteness and weather are both physically and mentally taxing. Other field biologists have discovered the same, some under the harshest of conditions or across expanses of time."

This quote comes from the book, "Life on the Rocks: A Portrait of the American Mountain Goat," written by today's podcast guest, Bruce L. Smith.

Bruce has spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months studying mountain goats over his decades-long career. In today's episode, we speak with Bruce about the majestic mountain goat, to learn more about their history, habitat, behavior, and future conservation.

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