Hunt Backcountry Podcast 461 | The 5 Attributes You Need for Mountain Hunting (with Ben Reynolds)

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Serious mountain pursuits are demanding. Physically, mentally, and even emotionally. And as you gain experience and build confidence, you can push to new levels of adventure.

Experienced mountain hunter and all-around adventurer, Ben Reynolds joins us on today's podcast to talk about 5 attributes that he feels are critical for the mountain hunter...

- Mental Preparation
- Confidence
- Optimization
- Choices
- Decisive Action

These are attributes that Ben has developed over a decade of high-level activity in the mountains. In this conversation, we discuss each of these attributes, interwoven with examples from some of Ben's recent hunts. Including this past fall's hunts, on which Ben successfully completed do-it-yourself solo sheep hunts for both Dall Sheep and Rocky Mountain Bighorn.

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