Hunt Backcountry Podcast 463 | John Barklow on Innovation, Skills, Priorities, and More...

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We welcome John Barklow back to the Hunt Backcountry Podcast. This is a wide-ranging conversation that answers some of your listener questions and goes into some unexpected topics. We discuss...

- Bowhunting Cape Buffalo in Africa.
- Recovering from injury and surgery and injury as an aging mountain hunter.
- Where has innovation in technical hunting apparel slowed or stalled? And where is it advancing?
- How environmental regulation and legislation will change the performance of rain gear.
- How technology is being used to improve the performance of natural down fibers.
- How to prioritize your budget to get the most for your money on high-end hunting clothing.
- Gear vs Capabilities, and knowing how to use gear to its fullest potential.
- Why you shouldn’t believe marketing, or John Barklow, and should test gear for yourself.
- Why asking for the “best” gear recommendation isn’t the most helpful question.
- Embracing what you don’t know and enjoying the process of learning.
- John’s tentless sleep system for archery season.
- John’s upcoming course and eventual book on “Survival for the Modern Hunter”

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