The EXS Pack System from Exo Mtn Gear

EXS Pack with Moose

"Being a smaller-framed female, I have had the hardest time finding a pack to fit me correctly. This year, I had the opportunity to test the EXS pack and I feel like it was made for me! There is no way I could have carried my moose without this pack!" —Beky

Our EXS ("extra short") Pack System was developed to offer a hunting pack for women, youth, and shorter-statured men that are looking for a quality frame pack without making sacrifices in fit, function, performance, or capabilities. The EXS Frame offers an ideal fit for women who are 5' to 5'9" tall. Due to the different hip structure in men, the EXS frame works well for males who are 5' to 5'6" tall.

The EXS System shares the same features, materials, and design as our K3 Pack Systems. However, the EXS Frame is shorter than even our "Short" K3 Frame. Just like our K3 Frame, the EXS Frame features a built-in frame extension system, which allows the EXS Frame to adjust between two frame height settings: 20.5" (non-extended) or 22" (extended). The EXS Frame also features a thinner and more contoured shoulder harness, which fits the female's upper body and chest better. (Our standard K3 Harness can also be run on the EXS Frame, if desired.)

To pair with the shortened EXS Frame, we took our K3 3200 Bag and shortened it to match the frame's dimensions. The EXS bag offers about 3,000ci of volume, or a total volume of nearly 3,400ci when you account for the space offered by the K3 Lid that comes included with the EXS System. This bag is a great choice for a combination of day hunting, as well as multi-day adventures lasting up to 3-4 days.

The EXS Packs are offered in Ranger Green and are $599 for the complete system (frame, bag, and lid). These EXS Pack Systems are not part of our regular production schedule, so we do not offer them for purchase online. If you are interested in ordering an EXS Pack System, please contact us and we can let you know about availability, or answer any other questions you have: 208-995-4688 or

EXS Pack with Elk

Man Wearing EXS Pack

EXS Pack with Deer