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A perfect do-it-all hunting pack.

The K4 5000 offers the space you need to pack for a weeklong backcountry trip, yet can still compress down to a streamlined profile when only carrying the essentials.

Total Weight

5lb, 13oz

Total Internal Capacity


Expanded Dimensions

9.5" x 39" x 10.5"

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Designed for simplicity, versatility, and efficiency.


Built for comfort, performance, and durability.

K4 Frame

  K4 2200 K4 3600 K4 5000 K4 7200
Weight: Bag Only 1lb, 10oz 2lb, 1oz 2lb, 6oz 2lb, 8oz
Weight: Bag + Frame 4lb, 9oz 5lb, 0oz 5lb, 5oz 5lb, 7oz
Weight: Bag + Frame + Lid 5lb, 1oz 5lb, 8oz 5lb, 13oz 5lb, 15oz
Capacity: Bag Only 2,192ci 3,620ci 5,010ci 7,180ci
Capacity: Bag + Lid 2,840ci 4,268ci 5,658ci 7,828ci
Dimensions: Expanded 7" x 25" x 10.5" 8" x 37" x 10.5" 9.5" x 39" x 10.5" 13" x 43" x 10.5"
Dimensions: Compressed 2" x 25" x 10.5" 2.5" x 25" x 10.5" 3" x 25" x 10.5" 3.5" x 25" x 10.5"

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We do not have dealers or retailers and only sell direct-to-consumer online. (If you are in the Boise area, you can "try and buy" at our shop.)

We do have a 30 Day Trial Period, allowing you to receive the pack, test the fit and function, and make sure the pack is exactly what you need. LEARN MORE

Yes! With 4 frame height options and 5 hipbelt sizes, the K4 Frame included with all of our K4 Packs can fit just about anyone. FIND YOUR SIZE

Absolutely. Our lifetime guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product, for the original owner. OUR GUARANTEE

We build all of our K4 Packs & Accessories in Boise, ID, USA. We also source US-Made materials whenever possible. MATERIALS & PRODUCTION

We have well over 20 "how to" videos that demonstrate just about everything you may want to know how to do. See all of the How-To Videos for K4 Pack Systems.

As a small company, we pride ourselves on offering personal service, and we would love to help you out.

Everyone on our small team is involved with building, testing, and the use of our products for their personal hunts. WE ARE ALL EXPERTS ON OUR GEAR, AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Give us a call at 208-995-4688 or email support@exomtngear.com and we'd be glad to help with any questions you have.

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Real World Reviews

Colton Heward

After 60 days of using and abusing the K4 Prototype last fall, I can confidently say that it is the most comfortable, complete, and capable hunting pack that I have ever owned. It was clearly created for serious hunters, by serious hunters.

- Colton Heward
Paul Servey

The new K4 is the best pack I have used to date. I used a K4 Prototype on 5 big game hunts this past fall and could tell that it was strategically built for comfort and is tough enough to withstand the most extreme hunting and backpacking adventures.

- Paul Servey
Steve Evans

I love the simplicity of the K4! It has everything you need, and nothing you don’t! After testing the K4 Prototype last year, I was thrilled with the new system to detach the bag from the frame. And the new hipbelt design provides a noticeable increase in comfort.

- Steve Evans

Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Incredible pack!

After much deliberation and research I decided that I should try the Exo k4 5000 pack. Having not hiked or rucked in any serious capacity for over 8 years I was a little concerned on pack fitment and weight of the pack with the gear I needed. The first weekend after having the pack I did a 9 mile hike in and camp with the pack carrying around 40 pounds of gear, the pack could very very easily handle much more than that. This thing is amazing. I had zero hot spots or any soreness that I had previously experienced with other packs. The fitment is awesome and intuitive and if that's not enough the crew at Exo have put together awesome tutorial videos on fitment and setup of the pack that played a serious role in getting the pack dialed in to fit me perfectly. To say I am more than happy with my purchase would be an understatement. Everything on this pack is so well thought out and easy to use and configure.

Coy Howard

I took the pack out today for the first time with the total weight of the bag roughly 30 pounds and hikes 5 miles with various terrain. This pack is incredibly comfortable. It’s easy and fast to adjust the straps to shift weight while walking. It doesn’t slide around or flex too much. The weight stays in place very nice. Super easy to access everything you’d want to get to in the bag as well. I highly recommend this pack


Great pack

K4 5000

I received the backpack in November last year and it was shipped very quickly. Although I was charged a lot of taxes when I entered Taiwan customs, this is still a great backpack !

Hector Ocampo
K4 5000

Typically not that guy who feels the need to pay this much for a hunting pack. That said, my back, knees, and hips are thanking me. Mark and the guys over at Exo have spent the necessary time and effort to really put together something special here! The fact that the load sits high and stays there seems simple, but most packs just can’t or don’t. Shoulder, hip, and lower back pads feel great; just follow the fitment videos.

This pack feels light! I feel like I am missing gear. Oddest feeling this season!

Great work on the new model Exo!