We build backpacks that enable you to pack efficiently, hunt effectively, and carry every load in comfort.

  • Pack Efficiently

    Function, not confusion. Our bags are streamlined for efficiency. Spend less time figuring how to use your pack and store your gear. Spend more time enjoying the hunt.

  • Hunt Effectively

    A pack that moves with you. Our K² Frame offers unparalleled freedom of movement, allowing you to hike through difficult terrain, easily get into shooting position, and ultimately hunt in comfort that has never been possible with a pack frame.

  • Carry In Comfort

    Any load. Any time. Our K² Frame is built to carry heavy loads and has been tested with weights more than you will ever carry. Because all of our pack systems use this frame and have an integrated load shelf, you always have load-hauling ability at the ready.

K² Frame

Ultralight. Ultratough.

K² Frame
  • Always Ready

    Our bags quickly detach from the frame, providing a load shelf to carry meat as soon as your tag is filled.

  • Tested & Proven

    We use military-grade materials, build our packs to last, and offer a warranty to back it up.

  • Every Adventure

    No matter what, where, or for how long you are hunting, we have a pack system designed to meet your needs.

  • Personalized Fit

    We offer size-specific hip belts, an adjustable torso length system, and flexible settings to fine-tune your perfect fit.

The K² 3500

This is the perfect do-it-all pack. Whether you are on short day trips or spending 5 days in the backcountry, the 3500 will handle it with ease. If you can only have one pack this is it.

The K² 5500

With a total volume of over 7000ci, and weighing only 5lbs 6oz, the 5500 Backpack is the perfect choice for extended adventures in the backcountry.

The K² 2000

The ultimate pack for day hunts and heavy loads. Designed for ease of use and quick access, and capable of carrying heavy loads at a moment’s notice — eliminating the need for a separate “meat hauler” pack.

Don't take our word for it.

Listen to what our customers are saying...

“My Exo Mountain Gear pack has hauled dozens of animals, hundreds of antlers, and worn the wear and tear of all the conditions I have put it through. My Exo pack has never failed me. Onto another season with this awesome pack!”

It is amazing how comfortable these packs are. I love the fact that I don't have to remove or reorganize anything in the pack to carry a load out.”

“I have over 40 years of experience using packs for the military, SWAT, and backcountry law enforcement operations — this is the most comfortable pack I have ever put on. I researched all other packs before choosing Exo, and I am confident I made the right choice.

"I was initially hesitant about paying this much for a pack, but now that I've got my hands on it, I can see the quality in the materials, design, and construction.

"If l were going to have to start from scratch and buy all new hunting gear, l would start with your pack. It is by far the best pack I have ever owned.”

"I continue to be amazed at how great the Exo pack is when it comes to hauling weight. Your packs make extreme adventures into rough country a pleasant experience!”

The #HuntBackcountry Podcast

The #HuntBackcountry podcast has one purpose: to give you the information you need to become a more capable, confident, and successful backcountry hunter.