10 Day Dall Sheep Hunt Gear List — What's In My Pack?

10 Day Dall Sheep Hunt Gear List — What's In My Pack?

Just hours before leaving for Alaska, Steve Speck (owner of Exo Mtn Gear) shares the full gear list he is packing for his 10-day backpack Dall Sheep hunt. Steve is using the Exo Mtn Gear K3 3200 Pack System for this hunt and has a total pack weight of 43 pounds. Watch Steve go through every item in this "What's In My Pack?" video...


(Items are listed in the order they appear in the video above.)

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  • Great walk through. Thanks for doing this video and posting your list. How did those boots work out? I have bad feet. Congrats on the ram.

    Jay W on
  • Just wanted to say how much I appreciate seeing a gear list that includes wet wipes! No one ever includes these or TP in any gear list. Kudos for leaving it all out here.

    John S on
  • Hey Robert. I have the same NXS scope as Steve and run the Butler Creek covers. They work well.

    Mark Huelsing on
  • The use of the game bags as a rear rifle squeeze bag is brilliant!! How well does it work? Never mind that question, I’m trying it tomorrow!
    What scope covers does Steve use for his Nightforce? I have the same scope but I am not happy with the factory covers.

    Robert Hirosky on

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