"FIRST" — An Idaho Youth Elk Hunt Film

"FIRST" — An Idaho Youth Elk Hunt Film
"In our society, there's a special place for firsts: the first time you hold your child, the first job you land, and maybe even the first car you own. But for us hunters, nothing quite compares to that first harvest. It's a moment that sticks with us, defining our connection to the land and our ability to provide for our loved ones. We've dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of game, finding meaning and fulfillment in every hunt. As a father, there's nothing quite like witnessing your child experience that thrill for the first time. Join us as Jackson embarks on his first elk hunt, to notch his tag and make memories that'll last a lifetime." —Justin Nelson, @themtnexperience


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K4 EXS Pack System for Youth & Women

In this film Jackson is wearing our K4 EXS Pack System with a K4 3600 bag. The EXS System is designed specifically to provide youth and women with a capable frame pack that is built with the same quality and capability as our full-size K4 Pack Systems, but features a specialized fit for smaller framed users.

"I love how the EXS System is sized for smaller builds, yet still has all of the features and capabilities that I rely on with my own Exo K4 Pack. It is awesome to hit the mountains for a backpack hunt with my kid and share those backcountry experiences together."

— Justin Nelson

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