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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 387 | Why I Went Guided — Arizona Elk Hunt

After drawing an Arizona elk tag that surprised him, Brent shares why he ultimately decided to hire a guide for the hunt. On this podcast episode, Brent shares what he learned about the experience, how he selected his outfitter, how the hunt went down, and ultimately if he was glad that he decided to go guided.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 385 | After the Hunt — Elk Season...Is This THE Year?

On this Hunt Backcountry Podcast episode, Justin joins us to conclude our "Before and After the Hunt" series. Justin's fall hunting season involved numerous unexpected surprises, new challenges, and success that he didn't originally plan for.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 384 | After the Hunt — Adak Island Alaskan Adventure

On this Hunt Backcountry Podcast episode, Dylan and Brad join us to tell us all about their Father & Son hunting adventure for Caribou on Adak Island, Alaska. They recount the success they had, the lessons they learned, and more.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 383 | After the Hunt — Zoe's Very First Hunt

Today's episode is the first "After" podcast from the "Before & After the Hunt" podcast series with people just like YOU... listeners of the podcast. In today's conversation, Zoe shares the story of her first-ever hunt, the lessons she learned, and what the future of her hunting journey looks like.

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