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We are on schedule to publicly launch K4 Packs online in late March.

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We are not accepting online pre-orders before K4 is publicly launched. We are building inventory of K4 products now, so that we can do our best to ensure timely shipping when we launch K4 and begin accepting orders.

We are initially launching K4 with a 3600, 5000, and 7200. A smaller day pack will be released for K4 in the summer of 2023.

The K4 Frame will be offered with 5 hipbelt sizes and 4 frame heights (22", 23.5", 25", & 26.5"). You will also able to customize the frame height or swap between different stays to change your frame height.

Simply put, we have options to fit everyone.

More information on size selection and fitting will be coming soon.

We will have updated K4 versions of our popular current K3 Accessories, including Hipbelt Pouches, Stash Pockets, Dry Bag Liners, and weapon carriers.

K4 systems will also have an all-new Nalgene Holder that integrates with the new K4 Hipbelt design. (This new Nalgene Holder will only work with K4 hipbelts.)

K4 Systems also feature new laser-cut MOLLE panels, which offer tremendous versatility to mount all-new accessories that we have in development, as well as 3rd-party items that mount via MOLLE attachment.

The K4 Hipbelt will also be compatible with Ivory Holsters for your sidearm.

Pricing for complete pack systems will be:

  • K4 3600 — $674
  • K4 5000 — $699
  • K4 7200 — $724

We will continue to offer Ranger Green and First Lite Fusion. K4 Packs will also come in Coyote Tan.

Multicam, which was available in K3 Packs, will not be available for K4 Packs.

We discussed this quite a bit on this podcast episode, and we will also have videos coming that show the differences clearly.

When K4 launches we will no longer sell complete K3 Pack Systems.

We will continue to sell K3 components (bags, accessories, etc) to support the thousands of happy K3 pack owners that are out there.

Because we are using remaining K3 inventory to support the needs of current K3 owners, we will not put K3 items on closeout.

K3 Packs will continue to be backed by our lifetime guarantee.

While we always strive to keep cross-generation compatibility in our products, K4 will be the first time in our history that new products will not be compatible with previous products. Because of the changes in design and construction, K4 bags/frames are not compatible with K3 bags/frames.

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