4 Ways to Carry a Rifle on Your EXO Pack

4 Ways to Carry a Rifle on Your EXO Pack

There are four primary ways to carry a rifle on the K3 Pack Systems. In this video, we demonstrate two options using our K3 Rifle Carrier accessory, and two options that use the built-in pockets and compression straps of the K3 Packs — no accessories needed. Based on your preferences and needs, these carry methods will give you options that will increase the rifle's accessibility, protection, or balance.

Lower Side Stretch Pocket

As shown in the video, this rifle carry method will provide great stability — even without the K3 Rifle Carrier. The two primary downsides to consider for this method are 1) You cannot access the rifle without removing your pack, and 2) Because the buttstock of the rifle cannot extend below the pocket, you may be left with too much barrel sticking up overhead that can get hung-up on branches, brush, or other obstructions.

Full-Length Side Pocket

The main advantage of this carry method is the increased cover and protection for your rifle and scope. That additional protection comes at the expense of accessibility. Also, like the other side pocket carry, it leaves more barrel overhead since the rifle's buttstock cannot extend below the pocket.

Rifle Carrier - Center Position

By utilizing the K3 Rifle Carrier, you can customize the ride-height of the rifle. When hunting in thicker country, you can easily lower the rifle down below the pack, reducing how much barrel is left sticking up overhead. The centered carry position keeps the rifle balanced, but also puts it further away from your back. The centered position also limits access to the rifle while wearing the pack.

Rifle Carrier - Side Position

This is our preferred carry method for the vast majority of situations. The rifle is kept close to the body and offers one-handed access while wearing the pack. Although the rifle is not centered, we find that the weight of the rifle is easily offset by other gear in the pack, and/or on the other side of the pack (such as a tripod and spotting scope). Also, since the weight of the rifle is held closer to the body and not further away from your center of gravity, there is less leverage pulling "away" from you.

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