Exo K3 4800 Recognized by Outside Magazine

Exo K3 4800 Recognized by Outside Magazine

While we have designed our pack systems primarily for backcountry hunting use, all of us at Exo Mtn Gear use our packs for as many outdoor activities as possible. For us, that includes backpacking with the family, packing-in to remote waters for fishing trips, exploring snow-covered mountains on snowshoes and skis, and for any other type of outdoor adventure we can dream up.

With that in mind, we were thrilled to have the K3 4800 Pack System be recognized in Outside magazine's Winter Buyer's Guide, selected as the pack for The Best Winter Camping Gear of 2022.

"Skip the heavy, oversize expedition pack. Exo’s K3 series is the smoothest modular pack and frame arrangement we’ve seen yet. A system of buckles allow you to pull the bag away from the frame for securing heavy items close to your back, or to detach the pack body and swap in a smaller for shorter trips. A waterproof hydration-bladder pocket protects sensitive down gear from spills, while the massive horseshoe zipper on the back panel makes access to everything a breeze."

—Mike Thurber, Outside Magazine

Outside's Buyer's Guides are the result of months of hard testing by more than 40 expert gear nerds. Every year they test hundreds of products in all manner of conditions and on all kinds of terrain. Outside has done this for decades, which means they don't just know about what's new—they know about what's best.

Photo Credit: Inga Hendrickson and Kevin Zansler

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