How To Clean Your Exo Mountain Gear Backpack

How To Clean Your Exo Mountain Gear Backpack

Hopefully, by the end of a hunting season your backpack needs a good cleaning. It is important to remove dirt, debris, and blood from the pack to keep it functioning at its best. But don’t feel like you have to wait until the end of the season to clean your pack. It is best to clean your pack after each animal you pack out, as well as before your hunting season starts — especially if you’ve been training in your pack leading up to opening day.

Thankfully, the cleaning process is simple, quick, and doesn’t require any special tools. We do not recommend putting any part of the pack into a washing machine or using any harsh chemicals/cleaners.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of the exact process we use to clean our packs…

Shake It Out

Begin by opening up the main bag, the lid, and each pocket, and manually removing any dirt and debris. Turn the pack upside down and give it a good shake-out.

Separate the Pieces

Disassemble the main pack components so you can more thoroughly clean each one, and also remove any debris that was lodged in any of the crevices. Fully detach and remove the lid by unclipping the 4 buckles. Remove the bag, unbuckling the two buckles on each side, lifting the bag lip over the top of the frame panel, and then unthreading the webbing connecting the bag to the bottom of the frame.

From here you can optionally remove the shoulder harness from the frame by breaking the Velcro connection and unclipping the ladder-locks; make note of the harness position before doing removal, so that you can re-attach it in the same position. Another optional step would be to remove any hip belt pouches or other accessories attached to the pack or frame. It is usually not necessary to remove the hip belt itself, as it can be cleaned sufficiently while it is attached to the pack.

If you use Strap Keepers to manage extra webbing, we recommend removing all of them and allowing the webbing to be loose. Set Strap Keepers aside. 

Pack Disassembled, Ready for Cleaning


Spray It Down

Grab your garden hose with a pressure nozzle attached and give each component a good spray-down on all surface areas. This step will help blast away and major grime. If you have packed-out an animal, give extra attention to load shelf area — the front of the frame panel and the backside of the pack bag.

Spraying the Pack Down


Wash and Rinse

Use running water to hand wash-any trouble spots. You can utilize a cloth or soft-bristle brush with light scrubbing. Avoid harsh chemicals or detergents, but you can use scent-free detergent that you wash your hunting clothes in, if you feel that's needed.

After the hand wish, give everything a final rinse.

Rinsing the Pack After the Soak

Air It Out

Bring each piece outside, to either hang or lay-out. If possible, allow components to air-dry overnight, or for a full day. 

Drying Out the Exo Pack

Get It Together

Once all components are dry, it is time to re-assemble the pack. If removed, begin by attaching the frame harness and hip belt. With the frame fully assembled, attach the bag onto the frame. Finally, reconnect the lid.

Fully Assembled Pack After Cleaning

One Last Thing…

Your pack is now clean, but it isn’t meant to stay this way. It is ready for a new adventure — don’t be afraid to get it dirty again!

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