How to Attach the Weapon Carrier to Your Exo Pack

Attaching the Weapon Carrier to hold your bow or rifle takes only a matter of seconds. To keep things simple and clean, we use the same ladder-lock buckle that the bottom webbing straps are attached to. You simply lace the bow carrier webbing through the same path as the pack webbing, set the height you want the carrier to ride at and you are done. Once you drop the bow in you can secure it over the limb with the locking buckle and your good to go.

Note: To see a different use of the Weapon Carrier that provides quick access to your rifle, refer to this post.

Step One

Take the carrier webbing (shown in Foliage so you can see it) and run it behind the pack webbing through the buckle.


Step Two

Follow the pack webbing path back down through the ladder lock and pull tight.

This is when you can set the height of the carrier to whatever you need.  If riding a horse or motorcycle you can set it high for clearance.  If hiking through dense brush you can set it low for head clearance.


Step Three

Do the same exact thing on the opposite side looping the webbing through, following the path of the bag webbing.

Side note: Depending on your bow / cam configuration you can set the carrier at an angle so that the cam will sit better in the pocket.  


Step Four

Put the cam of your bow into the pocket and secure the bow to the pack with the upper and if you want lower pack compression straps.


Step Five

We highly recommend securing the the bow to the pocket with the locking strap.


With the cam in the pocket, the upper compression strap around the riser and the locking strap in place your bow will be extremely secure and ready to hike in.


You can also use this exact set up for a rifle.


When not in use you can loosen the straps and quickly tuck the carrier in between the bag and frame as shown in the next two photos.


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