How to Attach the Weapon Carrier for Quick Access to Your Rifle

Attaching the Weapon Carrier to hold your Rifle takes only a matter of seconds. To attach the Carrier to hold your rifle you use the same ladder-lock that holds the webbing near the bottom of the bag and the ladder lock that holds your load stabilizer straps that come up from the hipbelt to the frame and an angle.

For the bag ladder lock you follow the same path of the webbing that is already there. You can see attaching this in bow carrier mode for more instructions.  The only difference is you then take the other side and attach that to the ladder lock that holds the webbing from the load stabilizer straps. Once you install the webbing you can set the height of it and then enjoy the freedom of not having to carry or harness your rifle but still have extremely quick access to it.

The following images will walk you through the process.

Step One

Take the Weapon Carrier webbing and loop it through the upper slots of the load Stabilizer strap ladder lock.


Step Two

Take that same piece of webbing and loop it back through the path it came up. This locks the webbing it place so it won’t move on you.  When you are doing this you’ll set the height that you want the Carrier to be.


The webbing looped back through and locked in place.


Step Three

Take the Weapon Carrier webbing on the opposite side and loop it through, following the same path as the lower bag compression strap webbing.  Here you want to make sure you set the webbing length so that the carrier is riding level to the ground.


Step Four

Locate the upper frame panel compression strap; un-buckle and loosen it a little.


Step Five

Put the rifle stock in the Carrier and wrap the compression strap webbing around the barrel.


You then need to sneak your hand behind the bag and grab the opposite compression strap to buckle the two together and snug it up.


The Rifle securely attached to the pack.  You can also use the angled compression straps from the bag to really tighten the rifle up to the pack if you don’t need quick access.


Step Six

Lastly you can take the locking strap and snug it up against the stock to keep it in place. If your rifle has a sling this will wrap up and over the bottom of it and hold the rifle even tighter.


All Done

The Rifle should be extremely secure and held in place ready for you to quickly remove if needed.


Accessing the Rifle

Put your hand at the bottom of the stock and lift up to get clearance from the pocket.


Once you have clearance you can start dropping the rifle down and away from your body.


As you remove the rifle the barrel will slide off the webbing loop you created and once free you can pivot the rifle around and be shooting all in less than 10 seconds.


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