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The space you need for expedition-style adventures.

The K4 7200 weighs less than 6lbs and can carry 10+ days of gear with ease.

Total Weight

5lb, 15oz

Total Internal Capacity


Expanded Dimensions

13" x 43" x 10.5"

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Designed for simplicity, versatility, and efficiency.


Built for comfort, performance, and durability.

K4 Frame

  K4 2200 K4 3600 K4 5000 K4 7200
Weight: Bag Only 1lb, 10oz 2lb, 1oz 2lb, 6oz 2lb, 8oz
Weight: Bag + Frame 4lb, 9oz 5lb, 0oz 5lb, 5oz 5lb, 7oz
Weight: Bag + Frame + Lid 5lb, 1oz 5lb, 8oz 5lb, 13oz 5lb, 15oz
Capacity: Bag Only 2,192ci 3,620ci 5,010ci 7,180ci
Capacity: Bag + Lid 2,840ci 4,268ci 5,658ci 7,828ci
Dimensions: Expanded 7" x 25" x 10.5" 8" x 37" x 10.5" 9.5" x 39" x 10.5" 13" x 43" x 10.5"
Dimensions: Compressed 2" x 25" x 10.5" 2.5" x 25" x 10.5" 3" x 25" x 10.5" 3.5" x 25" x 10.5"

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Yes! With 4 frame height options and 5 hipbelt sizes, the K4 Frame included with all of our K4 Packs can fit just about anyone. FIND YOUR SIZE

Absolutely. Our lifetime guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product, for the original owner. OUR GUARANTEE

We build all of our K4 Packs & Accessories in Boise, ID, USA. We also source US-Made materials whenever possible. MATERIALS & PRODUCTION

We have well over 20 "how to" videos that demonstrate just about everything you may want to know how to do. See all of the How-To Videos for K4 Pack Systems.

As a small company, we pride ourselves on offering personal service, and we would love to help you out.

Everyone on our small team is involved with building, testing, and the use of our products for their personal hunts. WE ARE ALL EXPERTS ON OUR GEAR, AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

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Real World Reviews

Colton Heward

After 60 days of using and abusing the K4 Prototype last fall, I can confidently say that it is the most comfortable, complete, and capable hunting pack that I have ever owned. It was clearly created for serious hunters, by serious hunters.

- Colton Heward
Paul Servey

The new K4 is the best pack I have used to date. I used a K4 Prototype on 5 big game hunts this past fall and could tell that it was strategically built for comfort and is tough enough to withstand the most extreme hunting and backpacking adventures.

- Paul Servey
Steve Evans

I love the simplicity of the K4! It has everything you need, and nothing you don’t! After testing the K4 Prototype last year, I was thrilled with the new system to detach the bag from the frame. And the new hipbelt design provides a noticeable increase in comfort.

- Steve Evans

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Chris Boulanger
Best Pack EVER Owned...Period!

I came from a lot of different military packs like Tactical Tailor Malice, Granite Gear Chief, FILBE, ETC. But this pack is the most comfortable, well thought out pack I have ever owned or seen. I hope the lifetime garentee is true and warranty is good because Exo definitely gained a customer for life!

Mike S.
Pack Perfection

I just finished my 10-day coastal brown bear hunt in the Alaskan Range on the Alaskan peninsula. It was a pack hunt where we covered 20-25 miles and spiked.
My K4 7200 was able to carry everything I needed plus the bear hide.
Up and down mountains, across mud flats, in driving rain and winds in excess of 50 miles an hour, constantly crawling through alders, across boulder fields and snow-slides, this pack fit like a glove and allowed me to flex as needed.
This pack makes other brands look like something the kids would take on a school trip.
Its design and functionality made getting in and out of it a breeze. 15-18 hours a day this pack never failed. The rifle harness never failed.
After the first five days of the hunt I knew I had purchased the best hunting pack ever made.

William Ruffner
Very nice pack

Just got back this afternoon from the first trip out with my new K4. After tweaking a few adjustments, the pack felt sooooo much better than my previous “good” lands pack. We hiked in to the upper Kern river for some fishing with two nights of camping. With barley pops and all going in, the pack was over 70 pounds. I never would have attempted that with the old pack and can’t wait for hunting season to try it more!

Rett Triplett
More perfecter than the K3

I thought the K3 was the perfect pack... but the Exo guys have outdone themselves with the K4. Even more comfortable and functional. Plus, they have an awesome small company and make as much as possible in the USA.

Michael Tennant
Best fit for me - Handles heavy loads!

Overall, the K4 is sleek, simple, solid, with an appropriate amount of versatility, and out performs the other packs I have used.

I have tried several packs with loads (measured on a scale) between 125 to 160 pounds. The K4 not only handles whatever load I throw at it, but also fits my body well and enables the load to ride more comfortably than the other packs I have tried. For reference, I have used MR Metcalf, MR Marshall, Kuiu Pro, Kifaru, Stone Glacier, and my beloved K3. The Kuiu and MR packs simply could not handle the load I was throwing at them and actually hurt me under heavy loads. The Kifaru did not agree with my back. The SG did not perform any better than my K3. Many of them, I was unable to prevent slippage under load or it excessively squeezed my hips, which negatively impacted my lumbar and hip mobility. (Note: I have short legs - 29 inch inseam) The K4, however, solved all the issues I had with any of the other packs I tried, and it can handle loads beyond what I can carry. I run a 5000 as my go-to bag in early season, and bump up to a 7200 for longer solo / late season / winter stuff. If I get lazy, I just run the 7200 because I can compress it down to virtually nothing more than the frame.

It terms of K4 design, EXO nailed it with the lumbar pad / hip belt redesign. Slippage and impact on my hip muscles were two of my main struggles with many of the other packs I used previously. The K4 address this and I have zero issues in that regard. In terms of unloaded / loaded comfort. Again, EXO makes purpose built packs that are comfortable and easy to wear. The K4 unloaded might feel a tad stiff upon first use, but honestly I prefer that because under heavy load that stiffness conforms a bit under load and manages the weight better than the more pliable frames I have previously used. In terms of back comfort, the K4 absolutely is a dream for my back and I don’t have any issues with how the K4 fits my back. The K4 has a use-specific design that also offers a great deal of versatility. The molle panels allow for end user customization for specific needs / desires without getting so crazy on options that the premise of a sleek simple design is lost, or the presence of so many options it becomes confusing to end users. I have found that I can devise a rigging / attachment strategy for anything I want to add to the K4, albeit not much is needed beyond what is readily available.

Nuances I have with the K4 are me waffling back and forth over zippered side pockets / stuff pockets, zippered stretch pocket / stuff stretch pocket, and internal mesh pocket / no internal mesh pocket. This is more me than anything else, as I have a variety of bags in all these configurations. Just when I think I want a zippered stretch pocket, I find myself wishing it were a stuff pocket. This is really me not able to make up my mind or trying to carry too much crap.

Overall, I only have praise for the K4 and don’t have complaints, which with me being a grumpy old goat, that is a hard bill to fill. For me, the K4 has addressed the issues I had with packs that I have previously used. As mentioned above, it is sleek, simple, solid, with an appropriate amount of versatility, and out performs the other packs I have used. Currently, we have four K4’s in our household that we love and use rather extensively. I hope my rambling provides some useful information.