Backpack Hunting Masterclass with onX Maps

Backpack Hunting Masterclass with onX Maps

Mark from Exo Mtn Gear joins Dylan from onX Maps for a live webinar all about backpack hunting. You can watch a recording of the masterclass below, which includes Mark's presentation of lessons he has learned from a decade's worth of backpack hunting, his advice for how to get started in backpack hunting, and why things go wrong on backpack hunts.

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Listener Questions

As part of this webinar, Mark and Dylan also discuss questions that were submitted from the live audience, including...

  • How do you select a camp site when backpack hunting? How close is too close when camping near animals that you want to hunt?
  • How do you care for meat when hunting solo and you need to make multiple trips to pack the meat out?
  • What size (capacity) of pack is best for a 5-7 day backpack hunt?
  • What is the best way to store food when hunting in bear country?
  • What are the best meat bags?
  • What should be in a backcountry First Aid Kit?
  • How heavy is too heavy when packing out meat? How do you balance minimizing the number of pack-out trips, while also ensuring you aren't going too heavy on any particular load?
  • What compromises are tough to consider when deciding what gear to bring or leave behind?

Backpack Hunting Resources

We have numerous free resources to help you become a more capable and confident backpack hunter...

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