Once-in-a-Lifetime Bighorn Sheep Hunt in the Frank Church Wilderness

Once-in-a-Lifetime Bighorn Sheep Hunt in the Frank Church Wilderness

The Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness — often referred to as "The Frank" — is the largest contiguous Wilderness area in the Lower 48. It is 2,366,757 acres of rugged mountains, deep canyons, and wild, whitewater rivers in our home state of Idaho.

The Frank is home to many species of wildlife, but the land is so vast and rugged that wildlife doesn't appear to be plentiful. Any hunter that desires to pursue big game in The Frank must be prepared for a challenge as large as the wilderness they are hunting in.

Exo's owner, Steve Speck, hunted The Frank for his once-in-a-lifetime Bighorn Sheep tag back in 2021. It was an amazing adventure, which you can listen to here. This epic hunt with a 21+ mile pack-out was also a critical part of the development of our K4 Pack Systems.

Steve & Tyler Pack-Out a Ram in The Frank

Exo owner, Steve Speck, packs out his Idaho Bighorn Sheep with his friend, Tyler Boschma.

Needless to say, a Bighorn Sheep hunt in The Frank is a very special hunt to us.

So when we heard that long-time Exo customer, Jason Younker, had drawn a Bighorn tag in the Frank, we were thrilled for him, and excited to hear the hunt story.

Jason and his wife, Alyssa, had an amazing adventure in The Frank and joined us on the Hunt Backcountry Podcast to share the full story...

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In addition to the podcast, Jason and Alyssa also captured the hunt with some amazing imagery, and a full-length hunt film, which you can see below...

Jason & Alyssa with their Frank Church Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep Meat & Skull

Bighorn Sheep Over the Fire

Watch on YouTube

"I was able to kill my ram on Day 9. It was an incredible experience that will make us smile for the rest of our lives. Our K4 Packs were a huge factor in staying comfortable and being successful on this trip. The lumbar support and wide hip belt are amazing. We packed the whole sheep and a bunch of camp gear out in one trip, covering over 15 miles of the rugged backcountry with heavy loads."

Jason Packs His Ram

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