How To Shoot With Your Pack & Trekking Poles While Rifle Hunting

How To Shoot With Your Pack & Trekking Poles While Rifle Hunting

As many rifle hunters know, the perfect shooting setup often doesn't present itself when hunting. We may practice shooting our rifles from comfortable positions, with rock-solid support at the range, but that reality is usually nothing more than a fantasy when you are hunting in the mountains.

We always advocate to get as low to the ground as possible, and use your body to make as much contact with the ground as possible, allowing you to build the most stable shooting position possible. However, we often find that difficult terrain and uncooperative animals align themselves in a way where we can't get prone.

Over the past few years, most of the shot opportunities have required that we are either in a sitting or kneeling position. In that mid-height range — anything between lying and standing — we use our pack and trekking poles to build rock-solid shooting positions.

In this video, Mark demonstrates how to use an Exo Mtn Gear pack and his trekking poles, equipped with Wiser Precision Quick-StiX adapters, to shoot from sitting and kneeling positions.

With some practice, this type of position can be built quickly and used effectively for many hunting shot opportunities.

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