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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 264 | Hunting Mountain Goats in Teton National Park

Photographer and hunter, Beaumon Day, joins us to talk about his pursuit of wildlife — with both weapons and cameras. We talk about what Beau has learned from wildlife photography that also informs his hunting. We then discuss a very unique hunt that Beau got to participate in this past fall, as he hunted Mountain Goat

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 220 | Laughs & Lessons From an Alaskan Hunting Guide

We met our guest, Rafe, on Kodiak Island this past fall. Rafe has extensive experience hunting, guiding, and fishing in Alaska for species that include Sitka Blacktail Deer, Kodiak brown bears, mountain goats, and sheep. In this show, we chat with Rafe about his experience as a guide and what lessons he has learned...

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 180 | How To Be A Backcountry Badass At Age 67

Mike Graves spent nearly 40 days covering over 250 miles of tough terrain while hunting the backcountry last fall. Over that time, he packed out several animals. Mike is 67-years-young. We speak with Mike in this episode to understand how he is still hunting hard at his age, what lessons he has learned...

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