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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 313 | We Doubled On Elk...Again (The Story & Your Questions)

Steve & Mark just wrapped-up their rifle elk hunt in Idaho and in this podcast they share the story of how the hunt unfolded. They also answer your questions about this hunt, including rifle setups, bullet performance, new packs and gear they tested, and much more.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 292 | Our Complete Gear List for Backcountry Hunting (6 Years Later...)

We discuss our A-Z gear list for backpack hunts and compare each gear item to what we used to use 6 years ago. We also share our FREE Backpack Hunting Gear List Template (Spreadsheet), which you can use to plan easier and pack smarter for your next hunt.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 291 | Shelter Design & Selection for Backpack Hunting

As a backcountry hunter, it is critical to select a shelter that meets your needs, accommodates your preferences, and is built to withstand what nature may throw at you. This podcast will help you understand what hunters should look for when selecting a shelter, and also provide tips on how to best use your tent...

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 289 | Backcountry Drinking Water — Risks & Treatment

How does water become contaminated in remote locations? What are the risks of drinking untreated water in wilderness locations? What are the different types of water treatment methods (filtration, chemicals, UV, etc), and are they all equally effective? We answer these questions, and more, on this podcast episode...

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 186 | How To Pack — In Light and Out Heavy

If you want to effectively use your pack system for this hunting season, tune-in! Steve & Mark dive deep on the topic of how to load your pack. In the first half of the show, they discuss how to best load gear into your pack for multi-day hunts. In the second half of the show the discuss what to do (and NOT to do)…

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 160 | Budget Backpacking Gear For Your Next Hunt

As much as we love new gear, our budgets are limited. If you are a hunter that is looking to get into backcountry, backpack-style hunting, we wanted to discuss how we would shop for backpacking gear and make budget-minded decisions.

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