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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 338 | Post Hunt: I Killed My First Elk, Then Pushed SOS

"Success in filling a tag does not mean a successful hunt: A first time elk hunter's highs, lows, and valuable survival and hunting lessons." That is a quote from today's Hunt Backcountry Podcast guest, Matthew. He shares the many lessons he learned, and the mistakes he made, on his first "successful" elk hunt.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 328 | Skills, Mindset & Gear to Survive in the Wild

As modern hunters, we have access to all kinds of technology and gear that are beneficial. But what about the knowledge and skills needed to survive in the backcountry? What skills did our ancestors have that we lack? We explore these questions with hunter, bushcrafter, and survival expert, Joel van der Loon.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 249 | Backcountry Rescue — What happens when you hit SOS?

The backcountry is big, beautiful...and unforgiving. We shouldn't pursue the backcountry in fear, but we should be prepared for the possibility of difficult, or even dangerous conditions. If you find yourself in that moment where you or someone you are with needs rescue, what do you do?

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 228 | Pack Essentials: Everything Else

It is easy to get overwhelmed with gear choices. In this new "Pack Essentials" series, Steve & Mark discuss the essential gear for backcountry, backpack-style hunting, and how to select the right gear for your needs and budget. In this final episode of the four-part series, they discuss navigation, communication...

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164 | I pushed SOS on my InReach. Here is what happened...

What happens if you are miles-deep in the backcountry and suffer a serious injury? Hopefully, you have some method of reliable communication to call for help. If you do, what happens after you "push the button"? We are joined by Martin Fox to hear his story of pushing SOS on his Garmin InReach device...

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 159 | Backcountry First Aid and Medical Care

If you hunt the backcountry, you need to be informed, equipped, and prepared for medical situations that could occur. The problem is, most of us aren't. We are personally guilty of not knowing enough or carrying enough as it relates to first aid and medical care if, God forbid, we have an emergency in the backcountry.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 135 | Solo Hunting in the Backcountry: What you need to know...

In this episode, Mark and Steve are joined by Josh Kirchner to discuss all aspects of solo hunting, including the pros and cons, mindset, and practical topics like safety and meat care.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 121 | Grizzly Bear Survival and Defense Tactics

How should one defend themselves in a grizzly bear encounter? Better yet, how should they avoid that encounter in the first place. And in a defense scenario, should they use a firearm, bear spray, or something else altogether? If using a firearm for bear defense, what caliber and load should one choose?

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 104 | I Was Rescued By Helicopter, A Listener Story

In this episode we hear the story from one of you — our listeners. What happened to Steve Wolfe? How did he respond when he found himself immobilized in the mountains? How did such a simple hunt, turn into a serious situation? What can you and I learn from Steve's story?

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